Coast 82 Sahel Hotel and ResidenceCoast 82 Sahel Hotel and Residence

Phase one lauch - 8 years payment plan


Nestled on a shore of Mediterranean Sea, Hyde Park Development’s flagship project Coast 82 spans an area of 1.1 million sqm that embrace an Oasis Valley concept; luxurious villas, chalets and apartments are encompassed within the development’s luscious parks, green valleys, breathtaking lagoons and a 550-metre private beach.

  • Homes

    The architecture presents contemporary expression of comfortable, modern living. The limited number of homes, and vast spacing between them, maintains a sense of privacy. Coast 82 offers a variety of home types and sizes, from exclusive, lavish villas to deluxe chalets and apartment of every sort.


    • Large starting from 650sqm
    • Medium starting from 370sqm

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    • Small starting from 240sqm
    • Twin starting from 225sqm

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    • Prime starting from 170sqm
    • Standard starting from 150sqm

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  • A 5-Star Hotel

    Coast 82 boasts a renowned five-star hotel with 250 deluxe rooms and suites. The hotel will not only serve its visiting residents, but will also offers a selection of exclusive services to Coast 82’s esteemed homeowners.

  • Serviced Beach & Beach Clubhouse

    The beach and beach clubhouse are serviced and operated by the on-site hotel, offering everything from towels to snacks and drinks. Enjoy a carefree day on the beach or the beach clubhouse’s swimming pool, where the only effort you’ll need to make is to enjoy yourself.

  • Sports & Recreational Facilities

    Pump your adrenaline with one of the many illustrious beach sports, or challenge your family and friends to a friendly match at the tennis, volleyball, or basketball courts.

  • Dining & Shopping Promenade

    Everything you need is within an arm’s reach at Coast 82’s Promenade. This ultimate dining and shopping venue surrounds a beautiful man-made lagoon, with its shops and al fresco diners lining it. The promenade is located just outside the development and away from the homeowners’ entrance gates to secure privacy and avoid inconveniences.

  • Community Clubhouse

    The well-equipped clubhouse boasts a private swimming pool, indoor and outdoor terraces and lounges, a café and snack bar, in addition to a designated play area for the young ones.

  • Supplementary Units

    For comfort and peace of mind, homeowners may choose to acquire additional staff housing or storage units, located within the development and nearby the utilities zone.

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