Hyde Park residences are more than just concrete structures; they are a true manifestation of their homeowners. Inside each apartment and villa is a blank white canvas that can only be filled by you. It is an opportunity to create a home that truly reflects your soul.


Every home at Hyde Park is as unique as its dwellers, giving rise to a community within the community. Seven kilometres of walking and jogging trails weave their way throughout the development, creating a pedestrian-friendly environment and promoting a greener, healthier lifestyle. Inner pocket gardens and lakes are spread between the residential properties, drawing a canvas of deep green and blue contrasted against the pavement. 

At Hyde Park we offer a myriad of residential options that reflect individual tastes and cater to every preference. Our strategic partnerships with world-renowned architects, contractors and consultants allows us to present top-notch architecture, inspired designs and impeccable building and finishing quality. Because we deliver homes, not houses, Hyde Park residences are available either semi- or fully-finished to ease the process of moving in.